Sunday, January 27, 2013

Handkerchief Quilt

So.... in talking about using handkerchief's for decorative means (see last post), my mom is just finishing her handkerchief quilt.  She has just a bit more hand quilting to do and she's done.  Doesn't it look amazing!
 I love looking at all the beautiful handkerchiefs.  My mother's one tip was to use a backing under the handkerchiefs and a huge embroidery hoop to quilt to help when outlining the flowers.   The difficulty is that the handkerchiefs are so delicate that it makes for a challenge.

Here are my parents behind the quilt.  Isn't this the cutest picture.  They were laughing like crazy when I took it as I stood in the snow.

I've got the fabric and some of the padding for the headboard and footboard for my bed.  I've consulted a few friends about how I should accomplish this task.  I'm hoping to do it soon-ish (if it wasn't for that pesky writing deadline and the end of the semester at school.)

Happy Crafting!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Flea Market Bedroom Redo

In a quest to reclaim some space and my life, I have decided to redo my bedroom.  The first thing I did was get rid of the dark green walls.  Sage green is NOT my favorite color.  A nice celedon green is fine but sage is most definitely not my favorite.  So the walls became a lovely Vanilla Ice Cream (Benjamin Moore paint color # 0C-90) with white trim.  I used to think that white paint was for wimps but I've changed my mind.  This white has just a hint of yellow and is so warm and inviting.  What was once a cave is now a huge, beautiful room of my own.

The quest yesterday was the to ding the perfect beside lamps for my newly painted white bedside tables.  After my friend Rosy and I went to 10 different Home Goods/T.J. Maxx/Marshall's stores in the Southern New Hampshire area, we finally found these blue green glass lamps.  Belive me, I looked at EVERYTHING TWICE before deciding on these puppies.  And I think they are JUST RIGHT!  

The last item I did yesterday was these valances for the window:
I made them out of hankies that I've been collecting.  (I am still deciding on curtains to come underneath.  I did buy some sheers but they didn't look right.  Back to the store for me.) These were really easy.  I did a sleeve with some muslin with an extra piece hanging off about 5 inches or so.  I then attached the hankies by simply sewing the top edge onto the muslin.  I didn't sew anything else (like the sides or bottom) so they flow free from the fabric.  I sewed a second line of hankies under the first.  This is an EASY project.  You just have to pin the hankies first before sewing.  
I placed the next layer a bit under the first.  So the valance ended up as two layers of ruffles.  The reason I did it this way is that I didn't want to lose the lovely edging on all of the hankies. 
Look at those scallops!  And tatting!  And embroidary.  I just couldn't cover it up or lose a single inch of it. 

I love my new valances!!  And it was so much easier than I thought it would be (and believe me, I am NOT an expert sewer). 

Next up:  transforming a wooden bed frame into a padded headboard.  I have the fabric all ready to go!