Sunday, February 10, 2013

Getting Ready for Valentine's Day

We are getting ready for Valentine's Day around here.  Nothing like a huge snow storm and snow day to give you some time to craft! I made the wreathe above but even though I hung it up, I still think it needs something- too bland.

In between rolling around in the snow, the kids have been hard at work on their Valentine's.  This year Phoebe is in half day kindergarten and has a whopping 50 Valentine's to do.  You would think that I would cave and let them buy the premade ones but I just couldn't.  I have this thing about how commercial our holidays have become.  I think the kids should make their Valentine's themselves.  That being said, I did a lot of sticking, cutting out, and placing today.  When you are looking at a six year old with 50 Valentine's, I think that a little help is in order.

Our first Valentine was this little butterfly:
Aren't they cute?  They are really pretty easy because you run some nice paper through the printer that gives you the text, cut them out, make slits for the lollipop, add googly eyes, and phoebe added a smile.  The link to the pattern is here.  These took almost no time at all (as long as you have a black and white printer) if you were looking for a quick Valentine.  We used a stamp for our hearts but you could use stickers as well. 

The second Valentine was this one:

It's an ipod made out of a box of conversation hearts and 2 Hersey's kisss.  You can find the directions here.  We jazzed it up with some fancy scrapbok paper and twine for the cord.  It's pretty easy but just a lot of cutting and attaching. 

Here are Phoebe's all packed up and ready to go into school on Thursday.  I'm feeling pretty accomplished.  Now if I can just get Elliot to sit down and do his.....

Happy Valentine's!


  1. Awesome Jill! That's such a cool idea. I'll show this to my wife and kids. You have limitless talents! --Clancy

  2. Too cool. I love reading your blog.

    Alison G.-