Sunday, January 27, 2013

Handkerchief Quilt

So.... in talking about using handkerchief's for decorative means (see last post), my mom is just finishing her handkerchief quilt.  She has just a bit more hand quilting to do and she's done.  Doesn't it look amazing!
 I love looking at all the beautiful handkerchiefs.  My mother's one tip was to use a backing under the handkerchiefs and a huge embroidery hoop to quilt to help when outlining the flowers.   The difficulty is that the handkerchiefs are so delicate that it makes for a challenge.

Here are my parents behind the quilt.  Isn't this the cutest picture.  They were laughing like crazy when I took it as I stood in the snow.

I've got the fabric and some of the padding for the headboard and footboard for my bed.  I've consulted a few friends about how I should accomplish this task.  I'm hoping to do it soon-ish (if it wasn't for that pesky writing deadline and the end of the semester at school.)

Happy Crafting!


  1. I love handkerchiefs and the idea of putting them together into a quilt. This collection looks like a lot of fun to browse. How did your mom handle the seaming? Any chance of seeing a close-up for details?

  2. Impressive and beautiful! I would love to learn to quilt someday - though I'm not sure how likely it is with my impatient personality :/

  3. That looks like a lot of work to me!

  4. Wow,----I LOVE that!! So colorful and detailed! I see handkerchiefs every once in a while in antiques shops----and of course you can find just about anything on eBay anymore! Good going, Ruth!!

  5. Love it!!!!-- Jenny Lawrence

  6. Very pretty!-- Colleen Mulligan