Sunday, July 22, 2012

Outdoor Star Wars Party Movie Snacks

So, for Elliot's kid party we had to do a bit of scrambling.  There was a forcast for a big thunderstorm and we were worried that we wouldn't be able to see the movie outside (and we really didn't want 12 seven-eight year olds in our house).  So, we moved the location to a local ice-cream/farm that is fabulous!  If you live anywhere near Concord, NH, you have to go visit Beech Hill Farm. They are so fabulous.

Well, I thought I'd share my Star Wars themed snacks.  Since Elliot is a candy hog, we gave him what he wanted for his birthday.  For the lables, I downloaded a Star Wars font and did a box around the text entirely in Word.  If you want a copy of the lables, feel free to email me and I can send it along.

The very popular Yoda Sodas!
To make:  Sprite & a scoop of lime sherbert
The food:   
Swedish fish = Gungan fish
M&Ms= Storm Trooper energy packs
Pretsel Rods= Ewoke snacks
Popcorn= Podrace Popcorn
Pinapple pieces= Wookie Wonder Fruit
Licorice= Light Saber Licorice

These are a variety of things that I came up with after walking the aisles of the grocery store.  The kids loved reading the lables.  I then gave them baskets to fill up for the "movie" which ended up being an episode of Clone Wars because we had a time crunch with the location change. 

The table after all the kids had gone through. 

This was a super fun party.  We made little pillows for the kids to use during the movie.  Jan pre-sewed them except for a hole for stuffing.  Then we had a coloring contest where everyone got a mustache for participating.  The mustache pictures are HILARIOUS!  We saw the animals at the farm.  Then, we watched an episode of Clone Wars.  Very, very fun!

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  1. wow - so creative you are. what a lucky kid - the party looks like it was a hit!