Monday, May 14, 2012

Kid's Art Show

Because of this book:

Phoebe has been begging her grandmother to have an art show.  So Mimi, being the best grandmother in the world, planned an art show for Phoebe.  The incredients were pretty simple:  a clotheline, clothespins, lots of kid's artwork, treats, and guests. 
We put up a big sign and invited eveyone we could think of.  (Jan has four sisters and 3 made it!) So we had a few friends from the neighborhood who stopped by.  Elliot is embellishing the sign with fireworks.  He just learned the technique in art class and loves to make them.  Phoebe had one half of the clothesline and Elliot had the other. 
When I notice that one of Phoebe's dance class friends showed up in two pictures, I texted her mom.   They were free to come on over. So, we even had some little art enthusiasts. (I think the lemonaid and cupcakes might have helped too.)
Below is a picture of Madison in her dance outfit.  Phoebe loved showing her. 

Elliot being the shy guy spent spent more time under the table or running around the house than greeting the people.  Phoebe lapped it up.  I have two totally different kids. 

Thank good we had the perfect weather for an outside art show.  Perfect fun for Mother's Day weekend!  

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