Sunday, April 29, 2012

Screen-Free Week

It seems that my family is addicted to screen time.  It is not uncommon for my family to be in the living room together on various forms of media: computer, ipod, DVD, Wii, ipad, ect...  The Dater-Roberts family love our technology.  Obviously, since I have this blog, I can be included.  I often feel like my day is not complete without updating my Facebook profile or playing my words in Words with Friends.  

So as a result of all this screen obsession, we are participating in Screen-Free Week.  (It actually stared a little early because a certain young man had a little rule enforcement problem and lost 2 days of screen-time this weekend.)  The entire family is joining in starting on Monday morning.  Jan seems to think that this might be hardest on yours truly since I have this little iphone and pinterest addiction...  We shall see.  

We started practicing today in a restaurant that had not just one little TV by the bar, but FOUR different TVs that you could choose from- FOUR.  A little excessive?  Why would you need to watch TV when going out to dinner anyway?  Shouldn't you be talking to the people at your table?

Phoebe snuck in a little last-minute golf before the screen-free week begins.  

We don't have any specific plans for our week.  We haven't brainstormed various non-media activities.  We haven't made ourselves t-shirts (ohhh, that's a good idea!)  This weekend, the kids went bike riding, played a few games of Sorry, did some crafts, and dusted off the legos.  Elliot is hard-core addicted to media and did find out that a TV left in the attic got a fuzzy PBS channel.  We caught him.  The rest of the TVs we turned off the power strip.  As of tonight, we are done with media until next Sunday.  Wish us luck. 
 The Dater-Roberts get UNPLUGGED!

Practicing not-watching TV with Auntie Sue.

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