Monday, March 19, 2012

New Heights

So I snapped this picture of Phoebe before church began.  Isn't she cute with her little wooden elephant? So cute.  

The last two times at church Phoebe and I have been trying out new seats in church.  The first week, she and I sat in the very first row.  It turns out you have a really good view from the first row but that also it's easy to feel everyone else's eyes boring into your back.  However, Phoebe and Elliot's favorite church friends (Lucy and Annie) sit up front so Phoebe decided it was the place to be.  

On this week, Phoebe decided that we would go sit in the balcony.  So Phoebe and I climbed up the rickety stairs to the balcony.  So all was going well.  It was a great view and we had the entire second floor to ourselves.  But see how Phoebe has a wooden alligator in her hand?  See where this is going?  Yes, she managed to drop the alligator off of the railing and down onto an unsuspecting lady that was sitting in the front row.  Yup, I was dying of embarassement.  Fortuantely, it managed to hit the lady in the leg and not in the head.  Phoebe buried her head in shame for about 10 seconds and then started begging to go down and get her alligtor back. 

Fortunately, only about a third of the congregation managed to catch the episode and the minister was oblivious (Thank you Jed!).  I suggested to the minister later that it was our attempt to keep people in the moment. Thankfully he has a good sense of humor and two children of his own. Perhaps Phoebe and I could devise a system with sling shots in the future when people started to nod off? 

It gave Jan quite a scare because when I was trying to pantomime to her that we lost the alligator, she thought that I almost lost Phoebe off the balcony.  Nothing of the sort, I had the back of Phoebe's pants well in hand (even when I took the picture- I'm talented). 

Well, life is nothing if not exciting when having children. 

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  1. Selam sent a hymnal flying on Easter Sunday. The church was packed. I just tried to look around to find the guilty party.