Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Fun

Here's Phoebe working hard signing those 28 Valentines for her class.  Yes, 28.  She was a trooper and signed them all but we had to do it in batches and it wasn't easy.
I love how she looks in that little patch of sunlight.  

So, here is what greeted the kids on Valentines morning:
Were they excited?  Hmmmmm, let's see?

Yup! Well worth the frantic between school and karate trip to Target to hunt for the last "stuffies" (my kids' word for stuffed animals) in the store. And like an AWESOME partner, Jan got them to get me flowers and chocolates.  Yay!

We recieved one last gift this afternoon in the mail.  Phoebe's daycare is working on the idea of mail so they created Valentines and sent them home.  Here was Phoebe's:
It says (this was obviously transcribed by someone at school):  Dear Mommy and Mama, Thank you for taking me ice skating. My brother pretends that he doesn't love me but I know he does.  Phoebe

That Phoebe is so darn smart!  We are just going to sit around her and love eachother on Valentine's Day, what more can a girl ask for. 

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