Saturday, February 11, 2012

Homemade Valentines- Candy Airplanes

So, because Tuesday is the big Valentine's Day, we were in major Valentine's Production around here.  After combing pininterest and all things crafty, we decided to do these bad boys:
Cute, right?  The idea came from Family Fun Magazine but we adapted it.  We added the cool message at the end which reminds me of this picture of the summer:

Look at the battalions of airplanes ready for take-off.  Elliot thought they were going to bomb somewhere but I suggested that they were going to drop candy and love to people below.  He came back to me 10 minutes later and agreed that they were going to drop candy on the people below.  Boys, oh boys.  

All you need to do is cover some Big Red with some cool red scrapbook paper.  We used a little stamp to jazz it up.  Family Fun suggested little red heart stickers but we have so many stamps around here.  Then you need someone to open up all those individually packaged peppermint life savers (not light sabers as Elliot orginally thought- bummer).
My life saver opener!
Then you have to get a rubber band through the lifesavers and over and around the piece of gum.  I used those clear hair elastics because we had a bunch and Phoebe hates them in her hair.  The downside is that they have very little stretch and I am the only one who had the dexterity to get them around the gum.  See:

And yes, that is a neon blue bandaid because I managed to also scrape those rubber bands off every hangnail that I had.  Then you have to open up the rubber band and squeeze in the smarties.  A tight but not too tight rubber band works best.  

Phoebe did another one with a regular rubber band and managed.  My problem was the extra tight hair clean ouchless rubber bands.  Very stiff. 

We added a little flag to the back that said, "You make my heart soar!" and then I had the kids sign the back of the Valentines.  Since Elliot is the big man in first grade, he actually addressed his but Phoebe is just going to sign hers tomorrow. 

What are you doing for homemade Valentines?  

Happy crafting,