Monday, January 2, 2012

Mommy's Going on a Writing Adventure

Mommy (that would be me) is about to begin an adventure.  That's right an adventure.  I think I may be a   little crazy.  Well, crazier than usual to attempt this.  I am beginning the MFA (Masters of Fine Arts) in Creative Fiction program at SNHU (Southern New Hampshire University) tomorrow.  The program is low-residency but has a Winter and Summer Residency in New Hampshire.  I just happen to be local but they also pull students from all over the country and the world.  

The Winter Residency starts tomorrow.  We get to go the Mountain View Grand Resort for 5 whole days.  That's right- FIVE DAYS without any children.  FIVE DAYS in a hotel and did I mention there are NO CHILDREN.  I mean I love my litte ones and all but a little mini-vacation never hurt anyone (except Jan who will have to wrangle the little buggers all week).  There is a reason why Virginia Wolf said that a woman needed a "room of her own" and Mrs. Lindberg retreated for a week by the sea all by her lonesome.  I quite obviously will not be alone but I won't be Mommy in-charge for one whole week. Everyone keeps saying that I'll miss them but I'm not so sure.  I think I might just roll around in an empty bed without an elbow in the eyeball and not fight with a single person about what food they SHOULD eat.  I will not wash a single dish or worry about what I SHOULD be cleaning.  I certainly will not think about any of my students and wonder if they are torturing the substitute or not. (Well, maybe just once I'll think about it but not more than that). 

I can't wait to meet all these new exciting writing types.  I'm sure that they will all be brilliant and wonderful and fantastic. I am not worried in the least about meeting a new group of people (I'm faking this because I am totally nervous).  I am not worried at all the my writing will look like the musing of a junior high girl (a total lie, this is exactly what I am worried about).   What what can you do but leap off the cliff and hope that you'll land in the water.  

Be back next week,



  1. I have always wanted to do an MFA. I'll live vicariously through you. Have fun!

  2. wow~ that is awesome! Are you taking off from teaching for the semester? what a great endeavor! creative writing! I love love love it! I also love that I have the link to your blog. AND I also love that I had no idea how crafty you are and last I am a fan of the old moosewood fav recipe from the book is their vege chili, although we have morphed it in years...and the cornbread...also morphed. I have to say though SUNDAYS AT MOOSEWOOD is my fav...their dal is outstanding...and their chinese dumplings and vege pancakes...awesome...(and dipping sauce and duck sauce...) YUM! look forward to hanging out one of these days. aloha!

  3. Susan you clearly have some AMAZING writing skills and when life slows down a little for you, you should do it.