Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A little late but Happy Halloween

Here are Elliot and Phoebe this Halloween.  In some sort of fit of spacey-ness I did not bring my camera with me to our Halloween haunt.  I left it on the table.  However, Mimi was happy to snap a picture and send it along.  

Here are the lovelies- a storm trooper from Star Wars and a frog.  Yes, this is THE frog costume.   Look familiar?

We've had so many frogs in the house.  I think this may be the last wearing and that seems so, so sad.  That little frog costume has been worn over and over: in the summer, to grocery shopping trips, to school Halloween parties, trick-or-treating, and just for fun.  Over the last few years one of the frog costumes has been through through at least five different Halloweens. I worked for both little boy and girl, was warm enough to withstand cold New England weather, and being washed and dried in the machine. There is something so innocent about my children dressing up as a frog.  There is nothing provocative or violent about this costume.  It feels wholesome and right.  Somehow that costume just seems to symbolize my children's young childhood.  

I feel like we are turning a new page as Phoebe outgrows it.  I'm already missing the frog costume stage.  I am missing the time when my children were entirely my own; they were unaware of the larger world.  As Phoebe dresses up for dance class in her leotard and tutu, I feel her begin to look at herself as a girl compared to other girls. They are both changing before my eyes. 

I suppose everything has it's time and the frog costume has had its time.  I'll be sad to fold it up and put it in the box of outgrown clothes. 

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