Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cookie Walk

My kids attend the world's best daycare.  We love it!  After incredible guidance and a rocking outdoor space, what I love the most is that we don't have to do those fundraisers where you have to beg your friends and relatives to buy items that they don't really want.  In particular, I hate it when you have to do fundraisers with kids who aren't old enough to even ask those friends and relatives.  So needless to say, we are one of those families that are very bad at fundraisers.

However, Woodside has a fantastic fundraiser.  It's called the Cookie Walk.  All the families make a few dozen cookies and bring them to the school.  Then, those same families buy a box for $5 that they get to fill with cookies. (I have also seen it done at craft fairs where other people buy a box.)  So, ultimately it's a donation but you end up with a box of cookies in the end. A win, win if you ask me!
We decided to make this super easy pretzel, chocolate, and M&M bites. These little yummers are easy enough. 
The funny thing is that this activity really highlighted Elliot and Phoebe's personality.  We walked into the door of their daycare and got boxes.  Elliot spent all of five minutes decorating his box, and then he ran off and filled his cookie box to the brim. El loves his sugary snacks.  Phoebe, however, spent about 20 minutes decorating her box and then slowly added cookies to her box asking what each one was.  Elliot was outside playing for most of the time while Phoebe was sitting at a table working. I love observing my kids and seeing how their personality comes through in the things that they do.  

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