Saturday, October 1, 2011

One hat, one girl, and one iphone

I never thought I would love my iphone as much as I do.  There are many, many reasons.... words with friends, pininterest, texting, banking on phone, gps, etc....  It's like this one little device can do just about everything.  One thing that suprised me the most is the incredible capability of the camera on the phone.  The pictures have impressive quality for a camera phone.  I am an obsessive picture taker and take about a photo a day. The iphone photos have given me the opportunity to catch little moments that I hadn't been able to get before because I wasn't willing to lug around a big, expensive camera in my car. (Although I have been known to carry my point and shoot in my purse.)

Today we were hanging out in the living room and Jan was working on a hat for a friend.  Phoebe could not resist trying it on and hamming it up.

Really, what could be cuter?  A kid in a hat with a mom who is willing to take pictures of funny faces; it's the best toy EVER!  That would be the iphone.... and the hat..... and the kid. 

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