Sunday, July 10, 2011

National Writing Project

This year, I decided to spend the month of July with the National Writing Project of NH doing their summer writing institute.  It's 4 days a week from 9-4 for 5 weeks.... and it's intensive.  We are almost half way and I am tired.  It's a fantastic group of people including some teachers from the Dominican Republic. We are writing, researching, and talking about writing in a way that makes me reinvigorated to go back in the fall.  I was definitely not feeling as excited about teaching writing when I started.  However, so much for breaking my caffeine addiciton because it is back on.  So I leave you with this:
It is not organic.  There are no vegetables inside.  The acid is wrecking havoc with my stomach and I don't exactly need the cream either.  Ugh!  As I have been saying all week, I'll get off caffeine (again) next week.  

Here's to happy writing!  Oh, btw I am just brimming with ideas about how to revise my Nano novel.  It came to me in the shower after talking to my new writing buddies.  I'm excited!

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