Monday, July 4, 2011

Bunk Beds

Elliot has been hankering after bunkbeds for the last few months.  Thanks to a discount furniture place in town and some friends and relatives who were stumped about what to get a seven year old who has a million legos and stuffies already for his birthday, we got bunk beds for the big boy.  My brother and dad came and put them together and surprised him before his party.  Of course, I am now obsessing about the sheets and quilts.  I have yet to make a twin sized quilt and really want to make ones for the kid's beds.  I am thinking about either the pinwheels in the park pattern  found at this link or this one: skipping squares pattern.  I am thinking of doing the second pattern with the colors of the first- so a white background with lots of that icy blue, red, and a few greens.  I like how crisp it looks.  If you have an opinion about which way I should go, leave a comment.  Remember that I have to make two of these puppies, one for each bed. 
Note:  I am obsessing about sewing so that I won't obsess about the moutain of homework that I have for my summer program.  

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