Monday, June 27, 2011

Birthday Bash and Flea Market

El had his seventh birthday last weekend.  I found some really fun ideas on the computer this year that I think worked out.  The first were these:
These are cupcakes in the shape of an ice-cream cone.  It was super easy.  I just baked regular box cake mix into the cone.  The hardest party was cutting holes in the aluminum foil baking tray so that the cones would stand up straight.  They were a big success. 

The other fun thing were these:

Gummy Kabobs for each of the kids to bring home.  They were super easy.  The best thing to remember is to get gumdrops to anchor the top and bottom of the skewer.  The rest just depends on what cool gummies you can find.  I sprung for the big shark- one for each gummy- at the gourmet candy store in the mall (along with frogs and lobsters).  The rest were grocery store bags such a peach rings, gumdrops, and sour apple rings. 

After all the party excitment, we went to Flea Market on Sunday.  It was our first time for the year and I completly lucked out.  My big finds: the cherry red luggage bag for $1.00, the train needlepoint framed in a red frame for $7.00, the set of curtains that I'll cut down for the kids' room for $12.00, and the vintage kid's typewriter for $5.00 (yes, I said $5.00).  PLUS, I got the Star Wars art books for $1.00 each.  I completely and totally lucked out.  

I had been stalking these on etsy and ebay for months and they were about $60.00 and I got mine for $5.00.  I LOVE the Davisville Flea Market in Davisville, NH.  It's like a really cool yardsale.  Look at Phoebe's find:
Phoebe got a stuffed horse the size of her own body.  People actually gave the kids toys.  They were in heaven.... and I was too.

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  1. AWESOME Flea Market finds!!!

    Happy Bday E!!