Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fabulous Weekend Fun

So, my dad works in Damriscotta, Maine and since I had wanted to go visit this shop (Alewives Fabric Shop) in person, we decided to go on a mini-vacation for the weekend.  The thing about the Alewives is that it is basically right next to a fish ladder.  If you have never seen a fish ladder, then you are TOTALLY missing out.  It looks something like this:
Basically, this allows the fish to swim upstream to spawn.  A dam had been built to prevent them from coming up the rest of the stream.  Watching fish swim upstream is like watching a miracle happen in front of your eyes.  It was amazing.  Thankfully, even though the first day there were no fish, on the second day the fish arrived. 
We also managed to catch some of the only concentrated rays of sunlight on Saturday.  It was a few moments of gorgeousness!  
Phoebe picked me huge boquets of dandilions.  

An AMAZING lunch at the Damriscotta Grill.  
followed by a little ice-cream.  (Shhh, don't tell but my dad really does eat ice-cream.)
And we couldn't resist buying a few plants to bring back with us across the border.  

We had a fabulous weekend and I'd like to thank mid-coast Maine for being so beautiful!

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