Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our Boston Vacation Trip

We try to do a Boston day during each vacation, especially since we haven't been able to afford more extensive vacations the last few years. We are members of the Boston Museum of Science and have been enjoying seeing the museum a little piece at a time.  The nice thing about membership is that we haven't felt like we have to see everything in one day. The kids just only seem to be able to absorb so much at once and because we belong, we know we can come back.  
Mommy loves the diaramas and Phoebe loves animals.  Perfect. 

Our trip always involves a walk to the North End for pizza and pasteries at the fomous Mike's Pasteries.  On this day, we packed our lunch instead but still walked to the North End for pasteries.  Yum!  

I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures of the beautiful old buildings. 

 Yum, Mike's.  I love everything about it.  I love waiting in line.  I love the boxes.  I love the bakery twine that hangs from the ceilings and ties up those boxes.  I love the canolis.

It was a gorgeous day with budding flowers and sunny skies.  

 The musical stairs at the Boston Musuem of Science. 

The thing about an exciting Boston day is that it tends to wear everyone out.  We had a sleepy car on the way home. 

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  1. looks like a really fun day!!! i love boston :)