Sunday, April 3, 2011

Elliot is Learning to Write

To Do:
Grocery Shop
Game Day
Sort Crafts     Card
Take Walk

Clean Up

So on Saturday (after the freak April 1st snow day), we decided to have a family meeting about what we should do with the weekend.  We had Elliot write down our list.  It was the first time that we didn't spell out any words for him or write them somewhere else for him to copy.  He sounded them out as best he could.  He got the sounds pretty much correct.  It definitely warms a Mommy's heart to see it.  I couldn't help but fear that he would never learn to write.  The boy is a lefty and has resisted even holding a pencil for the longest time.  But suddenly, he is figuring it out.  Thank goodness.  We thank every day that we had the good sense to delay kindergarten for that extra year.  What a gift for him to have that extra time.

Here is El's maze through the Easter eggs.  We are gearing up for Easter around here and after his smashing success with the to do list, he picked up his journal and got going.  Really, pretty soon this guy is going to be reading (more than easy readers) and writing up a storm.  We are so proud. 


  1. that is awesome!!! I love the list and I love the story. Amelia is starting to recognize letters and match them to words and it is AWESOME - way cooler than those dumb milestones like walking and such :)

  2. Go, Elliot. Great job! You can definitely become my secretary!