Thursday, March 17, 2011

Phoebe's Fantastic Skirts

Finally, the camera cord appeared as if by magic on top of the sideboard (that was coincidentially covered in all sorts of treasures.... Let's just say that it's been a long, long week).  Finally, I could download the pictures of Phoebe's fabulous, fantastic skirts.  The first are the Kaffee Fasette and Amy Butler fabric that I sprung for at a local quilt shop WITHOUT A CUPON.  That's right, I spend $9.00 a yard on my baby.  Now that is some big money around here.  As you can tell, they are mega cute:

Really, the pattern is just two rectangles where you hem the skirt end, sew together, and then make a gathered waiste band.  Easy as pie and took about 30 minutes per skirt.  I also added some ribbon to the second skirt as a little finishing touch.   As I was sewing Phoebe begged me for a yellow skirt.  The girl is majorly into yellow these days.  She tells everyone, including complete strangers, that her favorite color is YELLOW!  So, here is one of the two yellow skirts that I made her.  The other one is completely yellow on yellow with yellow ribbon.  I would show you a picture of it but it is buried deep in a mile-high pile of laundry. (Did I mention that it had been a long week?)

My model was totally uncoperative during the photo session.  Mainly this was because it was spitting rain and the princess doesn't like to get wet.   Also, she was wearing cute white tights with the skirt but as we were really to head outside, she had a bit of an accident.  Thus, the lovely green pants under the skirt.  If I have learned anything by living with Phoebe, it is that if it is resonable for the weather, let her wear it.  The top fabric reminds me of underwater creatures.  I've had it for ages and finally dusted it off.  It's being made into bags and skirts and all sorts of things.  And the yellow was for Phe.  After seeing this skirt she declared that the yellow had to go ON TOP next time which led to the un-pictured yellow on yellow on yellow skirt.  

Well, this is just one craft that I have been working on.  This one went right into the clothing circulation. Love it when that happens!


  1. I so wish that I could sew! those look so cute! I've been trying to figure out how to expand Selam's summer church wardrobe without breaking the bank. I love yellow and decorated her bedroom in yellow and blue (with a daisy motif). It's the most crafty I've ever gotten, as I painted the furniture sky blue and stenciled daisies on it.

  2. SO AWESOME! love the outfit! :)