Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow Day

This is what we woke up to this morning, our sixth snow day of the season.  I may live in New England but six snow days is a bit excessive even with our winters. So the kids get an extra day for their vacation and my English 10 students totally win out because I was going to make them write an essay in class today.  Lucky them. 
Above is the massive pile of snow in our backyard.  Basically we take all the snow from our driveway and pile it in the back.  Our dirt driveway is a solid piece of ice.  As a frame of reference, here is what our backyard looks like in the summer without any snow. You can imagine how high it is when you see the playhouse.  The kids can step into the playhouse without any help right now.  I'm thinking we might still have snow in May. 

I've decided that I am going to use today to make a master list of all the things that I'd like to get done over vacation like organize my earings, try and once again make sense of my craft space (a never ending battle), make myself a school bag, and clean my kitchen floor (another battle).  I always have high hopes for school vacations, yet I almost always only get about half done of what I attempt.  Well, we'll see....

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