Sunday, February 13, 2011

Homemade Valentines

Last night the kids and I made Valentine's to bring to school on Monday.  This idea is one that has been floating around the web and I love how easy it was.  I took a picture of each kid with their fist out in front of them.  We printed pictures and then took an exacto knife and cut a slip on both sides of the hand and wove a lollpop into the whole.  I used a circle scallop punch in two different sizes and colors of pink for the salutation.  El was dissapointed that he didn't get the heart lollipops but we had bought the blow pops for the cards and realized afterwards that you can't give toddlers gum pops.   Jan talked me down from adding an extra paper border to make the Valentine a little stiffer.  As she pointed out, most kids would quickly peel off the lollipop and be done with it  We kept it simple because Elliot officially is celebrating a "Friendship Day" at school  and also he has two different schools so the total equalled something around 50. We opted not to write specific names on it because of the number but El did write his name on all 50.   Go Elliot!  As long as you have access to photo prints (at 13 cents each at Target, it was a good deal) this would be a very fast and easy Valentine for kids of all ages.  

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