Sunday, February 27, 2011

Feelin' Kind of Cold

Our heater (boiler?) stopped working today and it's gotten colder and colder in our house.  It's got to be about 50 degrees or so...  I got warm by cooking this evening and now the laptop is somewhat warming my legs.  Looks like they can't fix it tonight so we are about to reap the benefits of the family bed and flannel sheets.  This malfunction is because 1. we are caught up on all our bills 2. Jan mentioned that the heat was too hot at night and we should crack a window and 3. It's a Sunday and we had to pay extra for a guy to say that he couldn't get the part tonight because the parts place is closed.  Yup, just our luck.

On the flip side, I have decided that even though I missed LOAD (Layout a Day), I am going to do a layout a day this vacation.  I've already done one a day (that would be 3 full layouts) for the last three days.   I'll take pictures some time soon, like when I can feel my fingers or my toes.

I think we'll go to bed early.... like, now.

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