Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sewing on a Snow Day

I just can't stop making these bags.  They are a varation on the Christmas treat bags that I made for the kids' teachers.  This directions are here but I adjusted the dimensions and made my own handles.  It took about a quarter of one fabric and half of another to make the two bags (you might have been able to get away with two fat quarters but I am not always the most efficient cutter (that's what happens when don't make a plan).  

I made them because of all the little toys that the kids got for Christmas were starting to wander around the living room.  Phoebe got some lovely Melissa  and Doug velvet horseys but couldn't seem to keep them in one place.  Thus, the idea for the horse bags.  Then, typically, Elliot got jealous of Phoebe's bags and I had to make another yet.  I had the gear fabric stashed away and had to buy the black and white dots to match.  Not bad for a virtually free project.  

I did motify the pattern a bit: 
1.  I obviously made them bigger and simply kept the ratio the same.  
2.  I made my own handles with the same fabric rather than used ribbon.  
3. I actually  squared off both the bottom of the bag  and the lining with a 2 inch square and then used this to sew together before turning.  This makes the  flat bottom stand up (the pattern calls for folding in the edges but I can never seem to get this right.)
4.  I also top-stitched around the top edge to keep the lining in place.  I thought about tacking the lining on the inside but thought that if I ever needed to clean the inside then it would be easier to pull out. 

I think these bags would make great lunch bags, maybe using a laminated fabric?  I also thought about putting some sort of closure at the top but my kids love to stuff their bags so I decided against it.  However, if I was making a lunch bag, I might add that. 

This was a great beginner project and took me about 20-25 minutes or so per bag.  


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