Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Mysterious Pictures Returned

Even though the photos were lost on my computer they mysteriously returned.  Sounds like a job of the Scooby-Doo Mystery Kids that my children are currently obsessed with... hmmm.... Couldn't help but to share these:
Waiting outside of Pizza Regina after we finally got under the amazing heat lights!

The HUGE line at Mike's Pasteries.  If you look closer you can see the flavors of the canollis.  AMAZING canollis, amazing!  

My little ones almost got lost in the crowd.  They couldn't hardly see anything but somehow Elliot has a real nose for the sweet stuff and he managed to slide his way to the pastery cases and drool all over them.    He's got quite a sweet tooth!  I tried to tell him not to lick the actual glass but I'm afraid I was unsuccessful.  Sorry, Mike's Pasteries ladies!

Dad and Jan just moments before Dad bolted out the door to wait outside.  He can't stand a crowd. 

What to choose?  What to choose?  He finally decided on a chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing and a gingerbread man.  It was a hard decision, though because everything looked so good.

All wrapped up a cute little box with bakery twine.  Everything looks better wrapped up like this.  Maybe if we put some vegetables inside, Elliot would eat them?  Maybe?  Probably not. 

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    I like your new blog facelift. The red looks just like you :)