Monday, January 3, 2011


A highlight of our Christmas vacation this year involved a trip to the Boston Meuseum of Science.  They have a great exhibit with K'next where the kids loved to both observe and build:

They also have one of thos light exhibits where your shadow is multi-colors.  I remember it as a kid.  Very 1970s and very hard to take a good picture of, but here it is:

Phoebe danced and danced and danced.  She just loved it.  She had quite the audience as people walked by which just fueled her running, skipping, and jumping. 

We also went to Pizza Regina which involved getting lost (as usual because it's on the most back road of North Boston).  For some reason my pictures of the best pizza in the whole entire world has gotten erased from the camer along with a fabulous picture of us in the hour-long line outside of the resteraunt.  Yes, we are talking a PIZZA place.  The pizza is amazing!

Then, because we were in the North End, we went over to Mike's Pasteries where they box up your pasteries and wrap it with blue baker's twine.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the boxes.... and the cannollis.  Yum!  Those pictures misteriously erased as well.  Don't ask me where they went but they aren't on my computer any longer.  Shucks!

Well, school started again this morning.  No more dancing or museum visiting for us for awhile.  Sigh. 

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