Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What next?

Now that mid-terms are all graded (as of 10 minutes ago), what kind of crafting am I going to do next?  The gals are coming over on Friday night to scrapbook so I definitely be doing that, my Project Life book has a page completed and I've diligently taken a picture a day so that's on my list, and my lovely partner and son have been fighting over the flannel quilit I made a few years ago and they requested a new one, not to mention a little something something for a friend that I have in the works (don't want to elaborate because she just might read my blog).  I also have been doing all sorts of research on OAMC or Once a Month Cooking and have decided that I am going to begin to cook "in bulk" more often and we'll eat out of the freezer.  My big project last weekend was to defrost our downstairs freezer- picture me 5 inches thick ice and a screwdriver like the scene out of "Confessions of a Shopaholic". (I had to finally throw away the breast milk I had pumped for my son who hasn't breast fed in 5 years- emotional!)  So, I've got a fair number of projects going.  I also can't help but surf the internet for other cool projects that I could be doing if my list of projects wasn't so long.  It's crazy, I know but I feel better if I have a few things going at once. So, you'll just have to wait and see what emerges on here next.  I know you can't wait.... holding your breath aren't you.... checking the blog two or three times a day.... oh wait, that's me.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mid-Year Exams

I always think that I'll have oodles of time during mid-year exams to craft.  This is an illusion that I have held onto for the last 10 years that I have taught, and every year I have only just enough time to correct exams.  Sure enough, it is the Sunday after exams and I have exactly 1 1/2 sets of exams (that's approximately 30 exams) left to grade.  So, this week I have not scrapbooked, or sewed, or barely even cooked.  I have graded exams and graded exams and graded exams and I am still not finished.  Sigh!  We'll I've got to go make dinner so that I can..... you guessed it, grade exams after dinner.  Double sigh!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Scrapbooking Haitus is done

I was on sort of a scrapbooking haitus with writing the novel during Novemeber and then Christmas.  My sewing machine saw quite a bit of action but my scrapbooking supplies were starting to wonder where I had been.  So, this weekend my friend Rosy came over and I FINALLY got around to looking at the HUGE stack of pictures to be scrapbooked.  Earlier in the week, I ordered batches of photos from both snapfish and shutterfly (freebies at both the I couldn't pass up) and figured that I was going to have to scrapbook whatever I had while I wait for those to come.  Boy, oh boy, am I backed up.  I have pictures from last APRIL that I haven't done anything with.  Before we hit the year mark, I've got to start scrapbooking.  The problem is now that I have taken so many classes, I am terminally slow.  I used to be able to slap pictures and stickers on a page and call it a day.  No longer.  

Well, this is what I produced last night.  One fun page about Elliot and Phoebe's first day of school (above).  You can't tell but the picture of the kids on the left is raised because I happened to have two copies of the same picture so I cut them out of one and laid it on top.  It's a cool effect but doesn't translate well over computer.

The page below is about Phoebe's love of doing what we call the "fluff and fold".  This activity would entertain her for HOURS!  She would take the blankets and make little beds for her stuffies and her dolls.  She would pat their backs in the cutest little mother way.  Well, I wanted this layout to look like you were going to Phoebe's little fluff and fold shop- thus the glittery letters at the top of the page.  Also, my friend Rosy mentioned that she loved all the patterns in the pictures which led to me adding more paper and sticker patterns to jazz it up.  I might of over-embelished for these pared down/minimalist times but well, it's my scrapbook and I can do what I want.

So, there it is.... haitus is over, scrapbooking again!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A New Project- Project Life

For the last few months, I have been interested in a project that I heard about on a podcast about taking a picture a day.  The idea just seemed so interesting.  The idea of documenting a whole year of my and my children and partner's lives seemed something incredibly interesting (daunting, but interesting).  There is no better time to start a new project than the new year.

In doing research about this idea, I realized that I didn't ahve to re-invent the wheel (as I like to do at times) but that Becky Higgins had an actual scrapbooking system to help you with your project.  In October (or was in Novemember), I bit the bullet and shelled out $50-ish bucks and bought the binder, page protectors, journaling cards, etc.... in the Project Life set.  What I didn't anticipate, is that I would like the colors so much.  Really, anything red would have made me happy but the bright reds mixed with organic designs really made my heart sing.

So, now I've started.  So, far I have taken a picture every day in January.  Most of the time the picture has been taken during the evening routine.  I've tried to carry my camera with me but have been mildly successful.  I've lost my cell phone so I won't be taking any cell phone pictures until I can afford a new one.  The most ironic thing is that even though I am an English teacher, I haven't written a single journaling card.  I'm realizing that when it comes to scrapbooking, I use the picture to tell the story.  I think I need to get better at journaling.... Another goal for the new year.

Well, I'll leave you with a picture from the month.  My kids have now developed a fascination with cameras (thank goodness we have this toddler one for Phoebe and our old one for Elliot).  So, while I am taking pictures of them, I now find them taking pictures of me.  I only hope my computer has enough memory for all these pictures.....

Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Anniversary craft books

[crobot.jpg]So, It's Jan and my 12 year anniversary today and because I am such an incredibly nice girlfriend/life partner/wife, I bought Jan this book with my Border's points that I've been hording collecting.  It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I really like robots.  Really, nothing.  Not to mention, she is a fabulous crocheter/knitter and I have gotten her into the Amigurmi thing.  I can knit a scarf, maybe a hat if I have help.  So, I just normally leave the fancy stuff to her and guide her towards appropriately funky projects.

For myself, (I had some extra Borders Bucks and a 33% off cupon, okay???):

I hope that I'll actually use this rather than just pour over the pages thinking about what I'll make "some day" when I have enough time to actually sew.  We'll see...

I think both of these books are reacts to all the cool craft projects coming from Japan right now.  The patchwork style is translated.  The only problem with the second is that the pictures look really small.  So wish us happy crafting!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas presents in action

My brother and his girlfriend in Hungary wearing their lovely homemade Christmas presents- matching aprons and market bags.

Here are those presents wrapped up in the homemade paper and tags written out by Elliot!

Yup, while visiting my mom we found out that our Christmas presents actually made it to Hungary and into my brother's hands.  It was dicey for awhile as my parent's lost their luggage from Rome to Hungary and didn't get their luggage for four days.  We were worried that someone was going to lift the homemade goodies, but they made it.  Jay and Christina are going to the market and using their bags.  See a picture of the Hungarian market below.  I've almost felt like I've traveled vicariously through my Christmas presents!!!!


Friday, January 8, 2010

Julie & Julia

Some days you can be in the midst of the January yuckies where you don't have the energy to craft, your sewing machine is just recovering from December, your kids are crazy from being cooped up, you haven't seen sunlight in weeks, and your house is a mess...  (Just saying, your life is probably perfect.....) and see you see a perfectly wondeful movie that makes you feel like you might be able to survive the winter.

Last night I stayed up way too late to see Julie and Julia and I LOVED IT!  Every one in my life had told me that I would like it but I had never gotten around to seeing it in the theater.  I have always loved Julia Child.  I remember watching her cook with someone on PBS when she was in her 80's and the way that cook treated her with so much respect.  She was funny and charming even then.  Of course, I really identified with Julie.  How often have I set myself some sort of huge self-asignment wondering why I took it on in the first place?  More times than I could count.  I love that she followed it through even though she wanted to quit.  I guess one of the qualities I respect the most is preseverance and doing something when you say that you are going to do it.

An AMAZINGLY wonderful movie and just what I needed.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter Swimming

When Phoebe came to me in the house naked with her swim suit in her hand and declared that we were "going swimming", it was hard to argue.  It is always hard to argue with Miss Two Year Old "Bossy Britches" Phoebe. Elliot negotiates but Phoebe demands.  She spends a lot of time crying these days because we don't give in that often.  This causes howls and screams on her end.  We don't negotiate with terriorists or two year olds, or something like that.

Anyway, a demand for swimming at the hotel pool seemed easy enough.  I put Phoebe is a swim jacket and she was off.  She spent the first ten minutes trying to get her balance and saying "no Mommy" when I tried to help her.  Elliot used a swim bubble at first and then realized that he could stand so he took it off.  He is on the cusp of swimming on his own.  We bounced between the big pool and the hot tub where Phoebe was happy that she could stand on the edge and follow her brother in a circle.  The best part of the day was that we could look out the windows and see it snowing.  I am so happy that I have water kids (and a hotel pool nearby)!