Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sewing, sewing, sewing

I feel like this star.  All blurry and frantic. 
I'm in the middle of crafting for Christmas this year.  I was basically glued to my sewing machine since Friday night.  I think I sewed 10 simple bags this weekend.  Mostly because Jan asked for bags for knitting projects.  I'll post a picture soon....  I'm also going to do some sort of project lable for the bags on some luggage tags I have.  Something like:  Project, yarn, instructions, etc....

Am I doing Ali Edward's December Daily this year?  I am not.  With NaNoWriMo, I just could NOT tackle it in Novemember.

I have on my list to make each kid a flannel quilt for snuggling in the living room.  I'm feeling a little anxious about the list.  I'll either make it or revise.  I do this every year and every year, I survive.


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