Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Recycled Wreathe

Can you guess what this fabulous wreathe is made out of?  

It's made out of plastic bags.  Even though I have a million environmentally friendly grocery bags, I tend to forget to get them to the store.  Last time I got them as far as the front seat but never quite made it inside the store.  It'll have to be this year's resolution.  Anyway, I saw a wreathe similar to this and decided that I could easily make it.  I've taken a shine recently to white wreathes and this one is nice and fluffy.  I took the bags and cut the back side of them without the printing with my pinking sheers.  Then I cut the bag in half and then in strips about an inch wide.  I did not measure but eyeballed the whole thing.  Then I took a metal wire frame and looped the bag stripes on top of themselves.  This wreathe form had 4 wire strips so I was looping for awhile.  It took me about a bag a wire section so approximately 16 bags for the large wreathe form.  Throw on a bow and you are good to go.  It was a bit time intensive but a good sitting in front of the TV project and use for an item you would recycle anyway.  The only thing I actually paid for was the wire wreathe form.  

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