Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Teacher Gifts

This years teacher gifts were these:
I used the super simple pattern from here that was highlighted in the Fall issue of Quilts and More magagzine.  They used it for a Halloween design but I thought that the small bags fit perfectly for little teacher gifts.  The bag makes a little lined tote that stands up by itself.  The neat thing about the pattern is that when you cut out the fabric it creates two opposite bags.  Once I was going and figured out the pattern, each bag took me about 15 minutes or so.  The only addition that I made was that when I cut out the bags I took a once inch square out of the bottom to make the square bottom easier to match up.  I find doing this easier than trying to fold in corners afterwards.  The end result is the same but I find making the notch in the bottom before sewing rather than easier. 

My goal was to only use fabrics that I already had for this.  I didn't buy any new fabric or ribbon.  Since they are small, you can use as little as two fat quarters to complete two bags.  This is a great little project. 

Aren't these flower ones so cute!

I loaded the bags with powdered hot cider, a candycane, three layer peppermint bark (recipe you can find on Soulemama's blog- see sidebar), and saltine brittle.  They were really cute and a lot easier than they look.  

Really, you could make these bags for any occassion.  They would be great for Easter gifts.  I think if I tinkered with the dimensions, they would make a perfect lunch bag also. 


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