Monday, October 18, 2010

Robots, Witches, and Vampires Mini Book

I teach an English 11 media literarcy course.  I gave them an assignment to talk about their own media interests or obsessions over the years.  They had to list a bunch of memories and then write paragraphs that talked more in depth about these forms of media.  I decided last week that I would do the assignment with them.  As an English teacher, sometimes we pile on work but forget how time consuming it really is.  I needed this reality check as I spent all Sunday putting this together.  

So, I decided to do a mini-book about the books, movies, and TV shows that I've loved over the years.  What I noticed after the first few entries is that there was a lot of Science fiction and fantasy in the mix.  I decided to do a mini-book about my relationship to the two genres.  It was a fun way to focus the assignment since (as one student so nicely pointed out) I've liven longer and have a lot more media memories than the 17 year olds that I work with.  Those kids are just so nice sometimes. 

We talked about titles that were a little more exciting than "My media Memories".  Here was my title:  "Robots, Witches, and Vampires".  For this book, I used all items that I already had including recycled paper from the NaNoWriMo mailer (more about that organization later), Halloween cutouts, and lots of "boy" paper that I had been saving for Elliot. 
My inside title page.  

I did smaller pages (about a half page) for my lists of media I liked by genre (sci fi, fantasy, and then vampires). 

Star Wars 1979...... Need I say more?

Dr. Who- Where's the Tardis?

My all-time favorite writer Madeline L'Engle.  I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED her books.  

Battlestar Galatica- If you ever watched the TV show, you'll get the toaster reference. 

Magic inside page

A classic vampire

This page might need a little "Edward" cutout but it does have the lovely Quiluette stamp I bought off etsy. 

This was so much fun!  Sometimes it is good just to play along!

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  1. I love're so very crafty!! what a neat idea.