Monday, October 11, 2010

Quite Contrary

Where do scrapbooking companies get the names for thier lines?  This one is called "Quite Contrary" and fits Phoebe perfectly.  Is she sometimes "contrary"?  Absolutely.  Does she remind me of pink and green with lots of pattern?  Absolutely.  Every year at CKC, I pick out a line of paper for Phoebe and another for Elliot.  This is what I chose for Phoebe and it fits her perfectly.  I loved working with this paper.  It is double sided and both sides are fantastic.  Sometimes with paper, you can tell the less dominant side- not with Mind's eye.  And the paper is a nice weight- a thick cardstock.  The embellishments just came together because of the mutiple pinks and greens in the line. Lovin' it, just lovin' it!

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