Monday, October 11, 2010

Hee Haw for Halloween

I enjoy the idea of Halloween but the actual execution is always so difficult for me.  I'm teaching full time trying to think about an up-coming holiday.  However, Elliot really really wanted to decorate for Halloween.  For the last few years, I've been buying one or two things that we decorate with and then putting them in a bucket in the basement.  So this year, we picked up a few things and managed to make a display in both the living room and the dining room.  Here are the pictures (all items were purchased at local stores like Micheal's, the Dollar Store, Target, and JoAnn's Fabrics):
Here is the dining room display.  The kids have yet to realize that the nice candy dish has candy corn in it.  It's an experiment to see how long it takes.  Hmmm....  I give it two hours. Also, Elliot made the sock bat in his daycare class two years ago.  It's fabulous so I keep storing it from year to year.  The bats Elliot and I made last night (see close up below). The candy bags I made for the kids last year with a Debbi Mum fabric panel.  

Here are those bats.  They are super easy.  Cut out two bat outlines out of cardstock.  Then, paint closepins with black spray paint.  Hot glue the bats onto the closepin in the center and then a dot on each wing.  We used jems for the eyes this year (last time we just punched holes but the jems were much more fun).  I had thought we would use the small jems for eyes but Elliot liked the big ones and they looked great.  It reminds me that when working with kids, you gotta let go of control! 

A pumpkin for each of us. 

Here's the living room display.  Elliot loves the purple cat (really, who wouldn't).

Because my kids are young, we focus on the fun aspects of the holiday rather than the scary.  Elliot is on the edge between the two but really, her frightens easily.  I'm not fond of the more gruesome parts of the holiday.  For example a kid once trick or treated my door with a mask that had some sort of mechanism that dripped blood down the face.  It was gruesome and awful.  Those are parts of the holiday that I dislike.  How do we protect our children from that?  I'm really not sure but if you have any ideas, I would love to hear them.

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