Wednesday, October 20, 2010

11 days and counting....

In exactly 11 days the insanity called NaNoWriMo starts.  What does NaNoWriMo stand for?  National Novel Writing Month.  Yup, a novel in a month.  CRAZY!!! INSANE!!! BIZARRE!!!!  In one month, if you stay to the schedule, you too can have a 50,000 word novel (riddled with spelling mistakes, misplaced modifiers, and dangling plot lines- no one said that it would be a good novel).  The idea is that the only thing that stops you from writing a novel is a deadline.  It's not a bad theory if you ask me.  So, for the last two years, I have written a novel each November.  Well, last year's is only a half novel really and this year I will be writing part II (which isn't officially cheating....).

How do we do this crazy venture? ( "We" meaning my writing buddies and I and a ton of other people around the world.)  We write approximately 1,665 words a day (or sometimes 5,000 in a weekend), meet for coffee at the local Borders, drink more coffee, get up at 4 am, ignore our dishes, children, laundry, eat lots of take-out, and become bonded with our computers.  That's right, it can be done.  I am living proof.  Although my first novel still sits in an "old sock drawer" and the second is half finished.  Oh yeah, and the other one is half finished too. (I gotta issues with completing stuff, ok.)  Signing up is free if you are into it.  There is on-line support when you want to waste time not writing, which is cool.  Feel free to try it if you dare.

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