Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pumpkins Dropping From the Sky...

Yup, we just made it to the Annual Sanford Pumpkin Drop in Sanford, Maine.  Elliot and I were running from the car to the sound of WWI airplane engines and we just made it to see the airplanes fly over the lake.  They were attempting to drop pumpkins at a target but were only mildly successful.  Imagine trying to open a window in a airplane and judge when to release a pumpkin 100 feet below you?  Why did we use airplanes in WWI anyway?  However, neither Elliot or I cared particularly if those pumpkins hit the target.  It was a rush to see the airplanes and the pumpkins made such a cheerful splash when they hit the water.  Really, what fantastically great entertainment.

The two biggest fans. 

Really, fantastic entertainment.  Tomorrow- fairy houses in Portsmouth, NH.  

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