Monday, September 6, 2010

Handmade Birthday

So, Miss Phoebe celebrated her 3rd birthday on Friday night.  I've been the official family cake maker for the past five years but I sorta gave up on Friday.  Mostly because Phe was feeling a little under the weather and had to stay at home with me on Friday.  So, I ended up breaking down and buying her a lovely Disney princess cake which she liked.  There is always next year.  All of our gifts to the princess were handmade so we lost the fight on the cake, but did well on the gifts.
The Disney princess cake.  She carried around the light up Cinderella for the rest of the night.  The cheapest gift was the most popular. Ironic!

The hand-knitted dolly outfit that Jan knitted  for Phoebe's dolly. 

A bed for dolly complete with a blue poka dotted mattress, a pillow, and a dolly quilt.  It's fit for a dolly princess!

This is my proudest moment.  Phoebe had one of those dolly strollers but the seat part had totally fallen apart.  Phoebe had tried everything to get her dollies into the stroller.  I took the broken frayed seat and used it as a template for a new one.  I used a pre-quilted fabric which made it nice and sturdy.  So, we continued with our homemade gifting!  Yay!  

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