Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer in Maine

As far as I'm concerned the most beautiful place in the summer is the Maine coast.  Of course, I am incredibly biased.  It has been one of my dreams to live on one of these islands; so, the day was one long daydream for me.  The summer is so lovely in Maine; the ocean brings out the ocean breeze and keeps it cool enough.  Last week, I went to pick up my son at my parents and we all decided to go on the Casco Bay Mail boat for an afternoon ride.  There are no bells and whistles on this boat.  They don't tell you about the lobsters or give you a history, but it's fun all the same.  Basically, the boat delivers both people and mail to the Casco Bay Islands.  We just rode the whole mail run for the afternoon.
The boats enjoying the beatiful day. 

Elliot pretending to be a dolphin in the surf.
One of the most fun things is that the kids on the island wait for the boat to pull out from the dock and then they jump in the wake.  The wake pulls them around.  On almost every island, the kids did this.  It was fun to watch how excited they were for the boat to leave.  Some day Elliot and Phoebe, some day...

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