Sunday, August 22, 2010

Portraits of Elliot and Phoebe

Last night we went to one of our favorite summer activities- Prescott Park play in the park in Portsmouth, NH.  We have gone almost every year since I was a kid.  You stake out your little place on the lawn  with beach chairs and a blanket, eat your dinner, and watch a play right by the ocean.  On Saturday, they also had a kids day with music and dancing.  This gave us time to enjoy the park, go to the nearby playground, look at the ocean, and go to a real resteraunt for dinner. It was a wonderful day to be outside- not too hot and not too cold (although we wore fleeces at night).

The play this year was Peter Pan and was amazing with Peter flying over the stage.  Both the adults and kids were mesmerized.  While there, we went into the flower garden and snapped a few photos of the kids.  It was an amazing setting for some beautiful portraits.  I found myself responding to the pictures that look like them: Phoebe in her brother's face and Elliot grimacing, Phoebe where she thought she was in time out on the bench and her brother putting his back to her, Phoebe standing on the tree that Elliot refused to climb, Elliot ducking behind the flowers and Phoebe following, and the whale statue that had a line of kids who wanted to sit on it.  The only thing is that I find my camera is so slow that I miss pictures I want to take.  I'm still dreaming of a Canon Rebel but I think I did pretty well with the semi-instamatic that I have.


  1. I think you did awesome! Great pics! I'm guessing you're more skilled than I...I would have had to take hundreds to find a few that really stand out. Well done!

  2. Laura @ the old bungalowAugust 26, 2010 at 5:12 AM

    Hi Jill! The For Better or For Worse comic in this morning's Monitor made me think of you.

    Happy back-to-school to all.