Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Past Meets the Present

Lately, I seem to be going through a reflective period.  Two things are making me think about where I have been and where I'm going; the first is that I just returned home from my 20th High School Reunion and the second is that a person who is living in the house that I grew up in just contacted me. 
The reason the owner of the house contacted me is that I left them a "message" on one of the boards of the house.  As they were doing renovations, they ran into this gem (see above).  It seems hard to believe that this was my writing in the early 80's.  This made me think of how much I loved the house I lived in as a child.  It was a craftsman style beauty complete with a built in desk, columns, china cabinet, etc...  My brother and I used to actually play hide and seek in all the built-ins.  We would climb to the top of the linen closet, wedge ourselves in, and hide from each other.  When friends came over to play, they could not believe that we were in the top this small closet.  I have such amazing memories of this house.  The funny thing is that I've never scrapbooked these memories.  Maybe it's time. 

The other event that is causing me to reflect is my 20th high school reunion.  I was only able to attend the cocktail party but it was a wonderful experience.  In some ways, it was like the 20 years melted away.  Some folks seemed almost the same as they had in high school and others seemed to develop into whole new people.  When walking home from the party with my closest high school friend who I hadn't even realized how much I missed until that night, we saw a falling star.  Reflectively, I tried to wish a wish on it but I couldn't think of a single wish as it streaked across the sky.  Even though there are things I would change about my life, I am begining to realize that I am blessed.  Really, I've got it pretty good.  I've got two beautiful kids, family who love me, a partner who will put up with me when I'm crazy, a good job that I really like, and enough time and money for some fabulous hobbies.  Who could ask for more?  

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