Thursday, August 19, 2010

Packing in Summer

This is what happens every summer.  We wilt in July and sit around the house until we can get organized to go swimming at the pool/lake/ocean and then collapse at the end of the day.  We pretty much do this every day.  Then the first week of August we go on our big family vacation to the Delaware shore.  Then, we return home and try and sqeeze as much summer as we can in the last two/three weeks of August.  This is exactly what we have been doing this week.  I've been scrapbooking and organizing madly knowing that school is going to start soon and it will all get much, much harder and busier and crazier.  Here are photos from our last few days adventures:
Here is the layout of our 4th of July James Taylor/Carole King Concert.  I started with a kit from Hearstring Designs but didn't like the rust red thing.  So I used a few of their chipboard and some lovely shiney papers from Momenta.  It shines if you hold it right.  Perfect for a page on a concert. 

We consider going through the car wash an event in our house.  Besides, I found the cupon for washes that I prebought a year ago while I was cleaning up my craft table.  Free entertainment is even better!

We went to the Palace Theater to see Aladin.  Elliot hates movies but LOVES plays (it's a noise thing).  The kids absolutely LOVED it and having been watching the movie non-stop since.  I have "It's a whole New World" stuck in my head as a result.  As Jan said with the kids theater tickets ($6), it was cheaper than seeing a movie.  

On Wednesday, we broke down and went to Storyland in Glen, NH.  The park is wonderfully little kid friendly.  The adults (or grandparents) can ride each ride with the kids.  Even Phoebe made the height requirement for all the rides (which is good because she was interested in riding most of them). 

This is the twirling turtle ride that goes a million miles an hour.  It regularly needs to be stopped so that kids can get off because it is so fast.  When we went on it 5 people got off.  But not Phoebe.  She loved it!  She is fearless.  Elliot watched and said it scared him just to watch the ride.  Yup, they are SO different. 

Elliot's favorite part of Storyland is the big ball room where you can suck up balls in tubes and shoot them off at people.  We could have dropped him off here and let him play for HOURS.  It's ball nirvana for this guy.  

(Don't be mad Mimi for me posting this.)  We brought Jan's parents with us for the day.  We all rode horses on the antique German carosel.  The lines were long and crazy but we had a simply wonderful day!

We have a week more to squish more of summer.  On Saturday we are going to see Peter Pan in the park.  We'll be going to school next week to set up our classrooms but I'm sure we'll have a few more adventures.  

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