Monday, August 30, 2010

Our last summer trip and Back to School

We all had a fabulous weekend at Storyland in Glen, NH this weekend.  My dad is just the most fantastic, enegetic grampie there ever was.  Those kids positively dragged him around on all sorts of rides.  It was so fascinating watching my kids at the amusement park.  Phoebe wanted to ride every ride like the roller coaster, and Turtle Twirl that spun around at a million miles an hour.  She was fearless.  Elliot liked the animatronic rides like that Pirate Boat.  After thinking it over and watching us all ride the calmest spinning ride, Elliot declared that he wanted to ride the spinning clock ride.  Of course, we said yes and ran right to the ride.  He rode it two times in a row and was so proud of himself.
It was his new favorite ride and he was so happy after riding it.  I just had to snap his picture.  He particularly liked the animatronic clockmaking elves inside the ride.  I suspect that it was the desire for a closer look that led him to want to ride the ride.   I love that he is so cautious and serious.  He thinks about things and deliberates.  Really, you can't push Elliot into anything he doesn't want to do.  Hmmm.... Phoebe either.  Maybe this is a Dater-Roberts trait, we know our own mind. 

And to wrap this up, we are heading back to school today and tomorrow.  Elliot is going to ride the school bus and it has my constant worry this summer.  It makes me anxious just sending him off on the school bus.  Who knows what could happen?   However, a collegue told me that she is putting her son on the same bus at the same spot and this made me  feel a lot better.  I least I can introduce Elliot to this other boy.  Nothing to worry about, right? 

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  1. Storyland looks SO fun!! We haven't been in years.
    My Elliot loves amusement parks but isn't crazy about most of the rides!!! :)
    How brave and awesome of your Elliot to ride the clock ride!

    Your kiddos are growing up!!!! Riding the school bus. I would have been anxious about it too but I'm glad there was nothing to worry about (for the most part)!