Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Day of School

Above is exactly a year ago.  Phoebe was so much younger a year ago.  And here is the picture from today.  Look at that baby face on Phoebe.  And Elliot was actually willing to hold his sister's hand- there is no way that that would happen today.  

I had to snap the camera as fast as possible because they did NOT want to sit.  Elliot was anxious about riding the school bus and going to a new school.  I would also have had a great picture of him getting on to the school bus if my battery had not died just as he was getting on it.  Well, I'll just have to take the pictures on Thursday.  I won't care if it was a few days apart later on.  I'm actually kind of excited to scrapbook the "bus" experience because it made me SO anxious all summer for no real reason.  He just got on the bus and that was that.  (Although there was a little snafu with the school where they forgot to tell us there was no after kindergarten bus to his daycare but that worked out just fine.)

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