Friday, July 30, 2010

Shop Hop results

My friend Erika suggested that I take pictures of my shop hop loot.  Here is a selection of what I got.  Because we went to a store that was going out of business and everything was 75% off, I wasn't as choosy as I normally would have been. So, I've left out some of those things and the things I got for the kids to do some scrapbooking with (since they love having their own supplies of stickers, papers, and do-dads).

Here goes:
This book was by Scrapbook trends and has the most AMAZING mini album ideas.  I've been DROOLING over it for days.  For some reason, I haven't done anything but drool but this book has some wonderful colors and ideas. 


Found a few ribbons in my favorite color scheme- red, yellow, turquois and the red and yellow ribbon are velvety soft.  Lovely.  And then I got a huge handful of flowers and green stems and the store that was going out of business.  You can never have too many prima flowers if you ask me.  And then they had glitter buttons along with a handful of the red ones and the over-sized black ones.  When you put it all together, you can see how I love the bright colors and gravitate towards red.  

Allison and I were particularly excited to find acrylic albums at the store for a steal.  Not to mention foodie rub-ons, Tim Holtz spinner arrows, felt lace ribbon, thickers (can never have too many if you ask me and love the turqouis green-ish), princess stamps for Phoebe, and a few sea horse die cuts for my beach album that I am going to make. 

I found this line from W R Memory Keepers (I think) called "72 and Sunny" which made me think of all those beach and water pictures I'll be scrapbooking soon. 

Doesn't this look beachy?  Of course, it has some red thrown in for me.  With the seahorses?  So cute!

Last but not least, Rosy and I were on a focus panel for the scrapbook company Momenta on Thursday. They are located in Northwood, NH and wanted input about their upcoming products.  We volunteered and received some free products as a result.  Well, here is the big pack of paper we got which is super pretty. 

This one paper, I just love.  It looks like arts and crafts wallpaper and I just keep going back to it.  I haven't a clue how I'll use it but I LOVE the red and green combination and the organic design. 

Pretty nice, huh? 
After my beach vacation, I'll just have to start scrapbooking in earnest and use all the great new things that I have currently piled next to my scrap desk.  I have about 200 pictures, organized by page ready to go.  I hope to get to it before school starts again and we get crazy busy. (Opposed to the crazy busy we are now going to the pool, beach, lake, etc...)


  1. um.......AWESOME!!! are you in scrapbooking heaven or what?!?

  2. The funny thing is that I've been too busy to actually scrapbook anything (and it's been too hot). We've been on the go, go, go. I guess I am taking pictures of all the things I'll be scrapbooking in the months to come.