Sunday, July 25, 2010

Scrapbooking Shop Hop

Since my birthday was Friday, the scrapbook group and I decided that we would go on a scrapbooking shop hop of the stores in Southern New Hamphshire.  We went on Saturday and had a blast.

Stop #1:  This was a sad event.  We went to the very last day of Scrapbook Island in Derry, NH.  The bad part is that they were closing on that very day.  Although, we all ended up profiting with the 75% off.  With heavy hearts, we loaded our baskets with all sorts of goodies (inluding some acrylic albums that Alison and I have big plans for.)

Stop #2  We went to The Scrapbook Cabin in Amherst, NH.  I LOVED the selection of both papers and embellishments.  This was a really great store.  We picked up a copy of a mini-book idea book that I am really excited to try out.

We ate lunch at Me and Ollies and loved the homemade bread and fresh ingredients!  So delicious!  Here's us enjoying lunch:

Stop #3- Wholly Scrap in N. Hampton, NH.  This is a great store! As you can see, we all have bags with us.  They had TONS of beautiful paper to make any scrapbooker drool. 

Stop #4 The Frugral Scrapper in Sommersworth, NH was our last stop.  We were driving madly at 4:45 to get there before their 5:00 closing time.  We lucked out because not only did they let us in the door and shop for a few extra minutes but they also had a scrapbook yardsale going on so we got some deals.

Overall, this was a great day!  I would recommend doing a shop hop of your own.  We didn't go to Scrappin' Soul Sisters because it's our home store and we go there pretty often.  We focused on small, local stores even though a Michaels and AC Moore was on the route.  Every store owner chatted us up and had nice things to say.  You just don't get that a Michaels, if you know what I mean. 

And Phoebe has already put her princess stamps to good use:
Yes, that is ink all over her face and her hands.  She was covered but it washed off pretty easily.  

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  1. Can you take a picture of all the stuff you bought???
    Sounds like a fun day :)