Sunday, July 11, 2010

Flea Market Finds

I had forgotten how much I LOVE going to the flea market.  I love, love, love it!  We all packed in the car this morning and drove 20 minutes to the Sunday morning flea market even though it was looking like another scorcher.
What amazed me is that my kids were that they were old enough to really enjoy the experience.  Elliot is a methodical shopper.  He looks at everything and examines each book, case, and blanket.  We are very similar in this way.  We meandered from booth to booth slowly looking at all sorts of "treasures".  Phoebe and Jan glance quickly and moved on (good thing Jan was slowed down by her crutches) when they don't see something that interests them.  

We found this cutie for Phoebe in the first booth.  It was a steal at $3.00!  What little girl doesn't need a mouse/toadstool/bee night light?  Jan did the first of many eye rolls when it ended up in our bag.

A tempting item but NO ROOM, NO ROOM, NO ROOM.

Elliot ended up spending his birthday money on this lovely glittery green dragon.  This booth had quite a few and Elliot just could NOT resist the glittery goodness.  Oh, I just can't blame him.  What boy wouldn't want a sparkly dragon on his bookshelf by his bed?  (Another eye roll from Jan.)

I ended up with this fabulous opal ring which I picked right out and slipped on my finger and fell in love with.  As you can see I don't have hand model hands so it's amazing when I can fit into a ring.  Not to mention, I love opals.  
Phoebe's animals, El's helicopter, and some books for all of us

I got a few more things for my mom for her birthday which I cannot share because she actually reads my blog. But, boy do I LOVE going to the flea market!  What makes Davisville Flea Market great is that it is half flea market, half yard sale.  Most things are affordable, everyone is super nice, and I always find a treasure or two when I go!  (And they have horses to pat for the kids.)

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