Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekending... our Friday (more later)

I've decided to focus on one day at a time of our fabulous weekend with my parents in Kennebunk, Maine.  Here is our Friday:

Friday- On the way to K'bunk, the kids and I went strawberry picking at the same farm in Sanford where I have picked since I was about 15, Lavigne's.  It's a beautiful field and the berries are always great! I love sharing berry picking with my kids.  It just screams New England to me and it's something I have done since I was old enough to hold the basket. Elliot is meticulous about picking the perfect berry.  It's funny because he refuses to eat all fruit including strawberries.  However, his basket was perfect without a single smooshed or white berry.

I found Phoebe eating one bite out of each strawberry and then throwing them on the path.  She is the one who LOVES strawberries but isn't quite old enough not to squish them or have a few white ones in the bunch. 

We then went to another favorite summer haunt- the beach.  It was rather cold but the kids loved it!  It was like a great big playground for them. 

My dad supervised the kids while mom and I bundled ourselves in beach chairs with towels wrapped around us.  It was a tad cold.  Also, mom didn't want to go far afield because she is still recovering from her knee surgery.  I loved that the kids were really pretty independent.  They are just growing up!

More tomorrow! 

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