Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer at the Pool

We've actually been to the pool twice in the last two days.  We have an amazing 5 pools here in Concord and my personal motto is that if it hot in the summer, you must go immedietly to a water source.  It just happens that here in Concord, we have fabulous free town pools.  On the weekend, the kids and I will be heading to the beach.  Last year was so rainy and cold, we barely went swimming and I felt like I never really had a summer.

Oh, and I put this picture of Phoebe in here because the sound-deadening headphones just crack me up.  When she puts them on, I talk really quietly to her.  Now, she puts them on and talks to me in a really quite voice telling me all sorts of nonsense.  It's hilarious!  I love the way it makes her cheeks look all round and pudgy like she is still a baby.  I know, too cute!

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