Friday, June 18, 2010

Out for the Summer

We're out for the summer and we're pretty happy about it around here.  It began today with a big toy clean up because this place was looking a bit messy.  We sorted and removed half the toys for the "basement" which is our trick of figuring out if they are going to be missed (which they normally are not). We also managed to go to the library and load up on books.  I've already read a book "Shoot the Moon" by Billie Letts and watched "Avatar" so it is starting out great!

The one sad note is that Phoebe misses her school already.  No Allie, SueAnnie, Chloe, or Sarah for months and months.  In fact, some of them she won't see again because of leaving her daycare.  Well, we'll just have to figure out a way to cheer this girl up.  I hear ice-cream works, especially chocolate ice-cream!  


  1. You know what else might work to cheer her up? Buy her some new, pretty dresses so she can walk around and tell everyone in sight- including complete strangers- "Look how beautiful I am!!!" :-) Oh Phoebe, that girl knows how to make her teachers laugh and smile!

  2. I'm on it! I've got one all cut out and just need to sew it together. That's today's project!

  3. I love the new template!
    and beautiful pictures as always. Can hardly wait to get some reading in with one eye as we watch the kids play with the other this August. Love,