Monday, June 21, 2010

Elliot's Birthday Invitations

Elliot's party invitations have been given out at school before his school year ended.  This will be his first "friend" party and he is SO excited.  We had a little tester party this weekend when a friend had a birthday.  They went all out with a boucy house and water games.  We are having ours at a local farm that sellls ice cream.  This invitation was made with two pieces of 6 by 12 piceces of paper overlapped and then I cut the edges in triangles to form the envelope.  It was a great hit and looked SO CUTE.

We'll we're leaving for the gym and then swimming at the town pool that opened yesterday.  If I don't leave now my kids are going to start losing it.

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  1. love the invites!! are you going to beech hill farm?!?