Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Surgery for Mom

Dad and I are waiting for mom who is having knee surgery as I write this.  Her surgery is much overdue as she has been hobbling around on her sore knees for awhile (try a few years now).  Mom is stubborn and doesn't really like hospitals or medicine so it took some major convincing and major pain to finally agree to the surgery.  In hopes of making it easier, I came over today to sit with dad and wait with mom.  I'll go home to teach for the next two days and be back to Kennebunk for the weekend to help bring mom home.  While waiting, I am going to think about mom finally being able to go on our beach walks again, and get into the ocean in Delaware without leaning on a shoulder, and her increased ability to travel (although I'm not sure she took it easy considering that she went to both Hungary and the Bahamas this year).

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